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I have an Epson LX-300 Printer Driver, but I can not get it to print on the full width of a regular US Letter page. Whatever I configure, the printer just prints about 60% of the page width. As if the page were very small, leaving large empty spaces. I have tried printing from Firefox, Chrome, and OpenOffice. I have tried setting the "Paper Size" to different settings. I have taken out all margins. I have used "Adjust to fit on page" and printed on "100%" (and 150% and 50%⁾. I have installed the printer under Ubuntu 10.10 using this tutorial:, and I have tried using this driver: I have also tried by just using Ubuntu default setting.

All of this has given no results. I can not get this printer to print on the full width of the page.

Anybody any idea?

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A couple of questions (1) What happens when you try print a test page from within the Printer Properties dialog? (2) Are you setting the printer settings in the application or from the system menu? – jwernerny Apr 6 '11 at 20:55
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You probably have the wrong driver. Install a different one by going to: Administration > Hardware > Printing. Try all drivers from Epson, one of those should do the job.

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This in fact worked... changing it to Epson 9-pin series! – user6019 Jun 11 '11 at 13:38

Did you try to print a test page as asked by 'jwernerny' in comments section ?

What is the printer model ? I have Lx 300+ and I not facing this problem. I could print a test page also in a decent way.

I used the same driver PPD file enter link description here for the printer Epson Lx 300+ and I am able to print in the whole page.

I did some setting changes in firefox where I fire prints. on the address bar, typed about:config

Filter = header Right-click each of those prefs and select Modify, then backspace or use Delete to wipe the characters - then click OK.

Filter = footer Right-click each of those prefs and select Modify, then backspace or use Delete to wipe the characters - then click OK. Search for Margin

print.print_extra_margin Change from 90 to 0 print.print_margin_bottom delete and make 0 print.print_margin_left delete the current value and make it 0.04 print.print_margin_right delete the current value and make it 0.1 print.print_margin_top delete and make 0
Repeat the all of the above changes for settings specific for the printer ( eg: print.printer_Epson-Dot-Matrix.print_margin_top)

Left and right margins I chose based on my needs. Header/Footer I wanted to wipe off, so I removed it.

But then my print was what I expected to get.

Please let me know if this works or come back with more questions so that we can resolve it.

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