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I am new to Ubuntu and I have recently burned an Ubuntu .iso file on to a DVD and booted in to Ubuntu.

My disk is 80GiB and it is already partitioned in 2 parts. C: where the Windows is installed, this is 65GiB, and the second partition is 15GiB.

I want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 and preferably in the second partition (15gb). Which option should I choose? "Install alongside Windows." or The Manual install or something else?

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You should choose something else.

The along side option, creates space from C: drive and install it there. If you try to do so now, it will take space from 64gb partition. Not the 15GB.

After choosing something else, do the following,

  • In the window, identify the 15gb partition. it should be marked as sda2
  • Select it in the list, click on Delete.
  • Then, click on New, select file system as SWAP from the dropdown list, (partition type logical or primary doesn't matter as 4 primary partition can be there) give size around 1GB/2GB as swap space. If you have 1GB ram, I suggest 2GB as swap space. Click OK
  • Now, click on the remaining space (13GB), select file system as ext4 , mounting point / (root symbol). Click ok
  • Make sure booloader location is pointing to your correct disk sda
  • Now proceed with installation.

Good luck.

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