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I am trying to replace my Windows 7 system with a working Ubuntu system but I am running into issues with several software being used at work. Could anyone please advise alternatives for the following software / tools?

  1. Exchange 2007 mail & calendar sync ( Evolution is too slow to load mails and calendar)
  2. shared & public calendars and folders
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I second Jorge's request. Please split these into separate questions. The Stack Exchange system can't help the best answers "bubble to the top" when you ask more than one question at a time. – Firefeather Apr 6 '11 at 16:33

Thunderbird with lightning calendar will work with Microsoft Exchange just fine.

sudo apt-get install thunderbird

then install the Lightning extension

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Thunderbird cannot retrieve emails from exchange server unless pop/imap is enabled . A big drawback! – Ubuntuser Feb 29 '12 at 4:08

I recommend Thunderbird as email client, for the rest I have no idea.

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Although Evolution with be a natural answer you may try "Zimbra Desktop", you must donwload it directly from since it is not in the repositories.

But for the folders part I am not sure.

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After 2 years I have found the perfect solution. Mozilla Thunderbird 17 with Exquilla for Microsoft Exchange and Exchange EWS Provider 3.2. I am able to access MS Exchange Emails, Addressbook, calendar and shared calendars in public folders.

Tested on Ubuntu 13.04

No need to switch on the VM anymore! :)

**UPDATE**Tested on Ubuntu 14.04**With 2 MS Exchange accounts.

There are two options avaialble to Ubuntu users for accessing MS EXchange email and calendar

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird + Exquilla Plugin - THe plugin is a shareware , free for first 3 months then $10 / year
  2. Evolution + Evolution-EWS/Evolution-Mapi - This is free and works perfectly with MS Exchange 2007 and 2010 . Syncs, mail, contacts, GAL, calendar and public calendars. The best part is that Evolution not slow anymore, nor does it crash so often.
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