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I'm want to do a plugin to Ubuntu in my term paper, but i never had seen something like this to ubuntu.

I want to know about the complexity to "extend" an OS, how much time will spend to do something like this? What languages could I use? What kind of biography I must to read?

Sorry if i haven't followed some asking pattern, but i'm hurry about this. Thanks in advance.

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The question is too broad and unclear. What are exactly trying to do? What 'parts' are you trying to 'extend'? For example: do you want to enhance the email client? Do you want to speed up startup? Do you want to develop a brand new calendar application? – Andrea Corbellini Aug 27 '13 at 14:39

There are several ways you can 'plug in' to the Ubuntu Desktop. You could develop a scope for searching in the dash. You can develop an indicator or integrate with the messaging or sound menu.

There are many more ways to extend the OS - it is, after all, open source and you can modify any part of it. The ways I've mentioned are probably the easiest and best documented way though.

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I've read your answer links, and this looks like very complicated to do in a term paper, do you know some way to create something like this using Java, maybe Python, and develop in a high level? – guisantogui Aug 26 '13 at 23:28

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