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not the same as Ubuntu 12.10 showing incorrect size of already existing Windows partitions

12.04 installation shows the intended target partition as being 12.8GB when it is 128GB. I created the partition with Win 7, but did not format it nor assign it a drive letter.

This is a new Lenovo Thinkpad in compatibility mode (not AHCI) and not secure boot?

This target partition is the fourth, taking up the last 128GB of a 500GB disk.

I'm certainly not going to install before figuring out where the inconsistency is.

Any ideas?

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First, a general tip: Do not create partitions intended for use by Linux using the Windows partitioning software! Doing so can cause a number of problems, and my suspicion is that you've run into one of these. To be sure, though, boot a Linux live CD and post the output of sudo parted -l and sudo fdisk -l. (You'll need to do this using a pastebin site or by editing your question. If you do the latter, precede every line of the pasted text by four spaces to keep the program output legible.) –  Rod Smith Aug 26 '13 at 19:48
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