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I'm not able to create partitions while installing ubuntu 13.04.

Have a lenovo G580 with 1TB HDD (which gets detected/named as "/dev/sda"). The system's got NO OPERATING SYSTEM right now!

During the installation, I'm trying to create a 490GB ext4 partition mounted at "/", a 500GB ext4 at "/home", a 4GB swap (that's the amount of RAM the machine has) and 299MB as EFI Boot partition. All of them are set as primary. Also, for every partition creation/definition its asks whether the partition should be at the Beginning of this space or the End of this space. And I basically chose "Beginning" for all of them (my guess is that its some sort of ordering thing)

Everytime the error is either there is some uncorrected errors in the filesystem or simply an "input/output error occurs while writing into /dev/sda".

What am I doing wrong?

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