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I have a virtual machine that is set to PST that a couple of colleagues have in different timezones. If I wanted to change the time-zone to EST and GMT, what do I need to do?

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Execute the following command:

 sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
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It's worth mentioning that not all services will use the updated TZ (ex: cron), if possible restart the machine, or at least manually restart the services you know will need to use the updated TZ. –  Radu Maris Oct 15 '14 at 19:21

As root you have to execute:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
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The following also work. For GMT:

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/GMT /etc/localtime

For EST:

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST /etc/localtime
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To run one program with a different time zone setting, set the TZ environment variable, e.g. run TZ=Pacific/Kiritimati date to see what time it is on Christmas Island, or export TZ=Pacific/Kiritimati to have the setting last for a shell session.

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Edit the timezone file at the /etc folder as:


You can use the next format:

Region "/" City 

Example of /etc/timezone:




You may experiment with the: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and check cat the timezone file.

You must reboot or start again a service (not the ntp service). I do not know which one. If somebody knows please share with us.

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use timedatectl

i find it convenient since it's not interactive as sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata. simply launch and go.

Set timezone as EST

sudo timedatectl set-timezone EST

Set timezone as UTC

sudo timedatectl set-timezone UTC

other timezones

you can list all timezones

sudo timedatectl list-timezones

and apply a specific timezone

sudo timedatectl set-timezone <timeszone>
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