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I use Ubuntu 12.04 . Before that I used Windows 7 . I have changed nothing from the hardware since I upgraded to Ubuntu.

The games that I could play before , can I play them now ? I only care about singleplayer mode so anything like "Steam" or "garena" or any other service like this , it is useless for me.

for example : I used to play AC3 . Can I play it again through wine?

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If you wanted to play Windows-only games, you'd be using Wine. If you wanted to see how well a game is supported under Wine, you'd look at WineHQ's AppDB entry for Assassin's Creed III... And you'd see it's pretty poorly supported. Doesn't work. –  Oli Aug 29 '13 at 9:38
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The games that I could play before , can I play them now ?

General answer is depends.

I used to play AC3 . Can I play it again through wine?

Seems like yes, but it requires effort from your side. From PlayonLinux forums:

Dont use DirectX 11. I have had nothing but problems. Off the top of my head, you will probably need a wine version that has the ubisoft patch for it, as well as install the following dependencies before you install the game:

  • VCRuntime 2008 (and maybe 2010? I do both most of the time)
  • d3dx9 and d3dx10
  • Mono 2.8 (.NET doesnt work for crap in wine. haha. )

Surprisingly enough, Mono has damn near full compatibility with .NET 3.5, at least from what I saw on their website, and honestly using mono 2.8 (and sometimes upper versions), I rarely see .net problems, and most of which I have been able to fix by switching a DLL here and there.

Also, check WineHQ.com's appDB, as im pretty sure its listed in there. I had AC2 running SO fly in linux. I broke it somehow, but it ran great. And I didnt use the POL Tie (or whatever its called) for it. Just installed by hand, using some of these dependency installs.

Almost every game that I see, especially now, will for SURE require vcruntime at least 2008 (some older games use 2005, but 2008 should work for 2005 compatible games), direct3d, and .NET (which we would use Mono for).

For everything else: check the WineHQ compatibility boards.

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alternatively to Nodebody's answer you can try "playonlinux" it's in the Ubuntu software center and has settings for many games

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I would get the latest version of PlayOnLinux from their website


You will see a link for Ubuntu, which tells you the commands you need to type into the terminal (Alt+Ctrl+T) to install it.

I had trouble with the version in the software center and that's what solved it for me.

Inside PlayOnLinux, press 'install' and you should either see your game already listed or if not press the 'install a non listed program' option and follow the wizard.

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Simple answer: No. Linux uses a different format for applications than windows.

Sometimes Wine can help. Look at http://appdb.winehq.org/ to see if Wine supports your games.

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