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I recently bought a Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C and swapped out the 750GB HDD for a 250GB SSD then installed Ubuntu 12.04. For the most part its been working very well, except for the battery life. Upon full charge it claimed to have only 2:30 remaining battery (with Win 7, max battery life was supposed to be 6:30). Now I've been draining the battery and its said it has ~0:30 for the past hour or so. I ran PowerTOP and nothing really stuck out:

 Power Consumption Summary

 176.5 wakeups/second, 0.0 GPU ops/second, 0.0 VFS ops/sec, 9.1 GFX wakes/sec and 1.8% CPU use
 Usage  Events/s    Category    Description
 0.7%   62.9    Process /usr/bin/X :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch
 0.0%   18.7    Interrupt   PS/2 Touchpad / Keyboard / Mouse
 0.1%   16.0    Timer   hrtimer_wakeup 
 0.0%   14.8    Process syndaemon -i 2.0 -K -R -t
 0.2%   12.4    Process compiz
 0.0%   9.7 kWork   ieee80211_iface_work
 0.0%   5.6 Timer   menu_hrtimer_notify
 0.1%   4.9 Interrupt   [6] tasklet(softirq)
 0.0%   5.2 Timer   tick_sched_timer
 0.0%   2.4 Process gnome-terminal   

I also created the suggested startup file and restarted the computer. Not only did that not make a difference in the supposed battery life, it also didn't change the info in the Tuning tab.

Any suggestions or advice to increase the battery life? Since I've got an SSD now instead of HDD I was expecting 7+ hours.

EDITS: New observations: -Computer doesn't recognize removal of AC power. Not yet sure if it recognizes being plugged in. -Computer doesn't recognize lid being opened or closed.

I'm not finding any info online, please help!

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