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I'm about to launch a product I'm working on into alpha phase but before that I'd like to ask a bit about securing my Ubuntu server 64bit which is hosted at Amazon AWS EC2.

The problem is my software requires that any IP can connect to it and through any port because my software has to communicate with gameservers that the costumer own and the communication port can be anything.

My software is taking in data from the client which is translated to text and then send to their gamerserver, if that gameserver is replying which will be text, that will be send to the client.

My software is running on the standard ubuntu account I got with the server. I've also set up SSH on the server so I can control it remotely.

My concern is,
If its easy to bypass my software and take control of the server.
Bad security.

Any advice, guidance, tips / tricks, firewall setup is more than welcome :)

Regards Kim

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