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OS Ubuntu 12.04 / hardware Dell inspiron 3520. I inserted my installation disc to reinstall ubuntu 12.04, on my previous install I encrypted my home folder. The install failed, big surprise 0_0.

I have managed to log on to the ?server? My installation is the desktop version. I can log in to my user account with my user name and password, I can't open firefox, I can ping google etc, and I can use apt-get.

I have no GUI. I tried running a diagnostic scan and everything is fine, except my hard drive, which seems to me, because it is still encrypted. How can I remove encryption, so I can reinstall ubuntu, or restore the previously working version?

Warning to new users don't reinstall your operating system while your home folder is encrypted.

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Take a look at Intel Linux Graphics Installer – Mitch Aug 25 '13 at 9:27
I do this all the time. I just move my home folder to another dir, then setup my user account with the exact same password, then move my home folder back. It works like a charm. Btw, you might want to add some paragraphs. – sashoalm Aug 29 '13 at 6:47

I am not sure how much of this fixed my problem, but this is what I did. I kept getting openvt: /dev/tty7 access denied so I tried to access /dev/tty7, and it didn't work, but I was suggested kaccess. user@host~$ sudo apt-get install kde-workspace-bin, during the install process I was given an option which display I wanted to use the kdm/kde display or lightm the one I had previously, so I pressed enter to choose kdm, Then I logged in as the super user, rebooted root@host~$ reboot and it loaded. I think my previous install attempt partially installed my workspace and all I had to do was install a replacement. I'm going to update this as I remove encryption and reinstall. here is the best guide I found How to stop using built-in home directory encryption?

I scrapped Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit version, without proper wifi updating this version is crap. However 32 bit version works fine. I replace it with Linux Mint 15.

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