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I installed Linux from one bootable USB thumbdrive onto another bootable thumbdrive. That works. However, now my Macbook Air boots to "error: no such device: XXXXXXX...
grub rescue>". If I hold the Option Key, I can boot to OSX. I have a CarbonCloner backup of my OSX build (created after the grub error) and I can boot from it.

Is there a simple way to remove grub and return my mac to just running OSX as intended? I only want to run Linux from the thumbdrive.

Many thanks from a newbie.

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If you want to get your apple bootloader back you can try this-

Run Disk Utility and click on your internal hard disk (the disk itself, not the partition under it). Then click on the Partition tab. If you move the triangular slider that adjusts the partition up and then back to where it was, the "Apply" button becomes active (it starts greyed out). You can now click "Apply," and the partition will be left alone, but the bootloader will be recreated.

The full help is available here on this page, please read it before proceeding! Restore Default Bootloader Mac

Alternatively, you could just fix the GRUB error by booting from your Ubuntu Live DVD and using the tool Boot Repair as described here to correctly install GRUB.

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