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I searched but didnt find solution to our problem...

We have offline (intranet) Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation. We made local offline Ubuntu 12.04 repo mirror (updating once in a week) and I can install all other things from there. But how to install PHP 5.4? Repo mirror contains only PHP 5.3.x version. I've read that there is somekind "ondrej/...." PPA where is PHP 5.4 for 12.04 LTS but I cant access to this location from my offline network Ubuntu. How to create local mirror or download all required packages from this PPA? Is there procedure for this like apt-mirror script for mirroring repository?

Thank U all,


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Do you have access to any other computer with Ubuntu that is connected to the internet? – Salem Aug 24 '13 at 18:31
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Download latest version of PHP from: Official PHP download page

And extract the file usually in tar format, see the INSTALL file and follow the step by step instructions for installation of PHP.

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