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I have recently bought a laptop with 32gb ssd and 750 gb hdd. Due to my job I need both windows and linux (I use more linux than windows). I want to install first windows 7 on the hdd and later ubuntu on the ssd (/home on the hdd) Do you think it is a good idea?

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please see a possible answer… – Tarun Aug 24 '13 at 12:54

I have also bought a laptop some months ago with Windows 7 pre-installed on HDD, and I then installed Ubuntu on SSD, and my experience (as well as my research on the internet) shows that it was a good decision in deed :-)

  1. Ubuntu boots and works faster (also including the fact that I reduce the Grub timeout to 0 (zero) so that the computer normally boots direct to Ubuntu desktop).
  2. When I need to use Windows at all (I don't remember using it for months, except just checking if it works this way ;-) I simply use F12 to go into the Boot Menu and choose HDD to boot.
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