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We had got a second-hand E-pad which according to the manual it came with, was supposed to have Windows 6 pre-loaded.

But it had Android on it instead. The problem with the Android OS, is that it is saying it is a phone, not a tablet, and it is very slow. And if not all, most services either are unavailable or crashes (force close button).

I am looking to get rid of Android and all other data on it and just have a new fresh install of Ubuntu on it.

I looked on the Ubuntu website, to find out how to install and got stuck at unlocking, and/or going into bootloader (power button + up + down buttons) it just boots back into Android.

I have looked into "About device". The Model number is a row of Squares.

  • Firmware Version: 2.1-update1
  • Baseband version: unknown
  • Kernel Version:
  • Build Number: p7901a-eng 2.1-update1 ERE27 eng.wwang.20100826.112720 test-keys

Also from the Ubuntu Website, tapping the build number 7 times doesn't give me the Developer options for USB debugging.

I am totally stuck!

Also went through the manual download and install. There is not a "boot recovery". I can't find any way at all to either install it inside Android or anything!

Would going inside the tablet and changing anything hardware wise solve anything?

How would I completely wipe this device and start fresh?

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