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I have a problem with my USB flash disk. When i connect it on my laptop, Ubuntu doesn't recognize and doesn't appear on the desktop and at my personal home folder. Also, in USB i have the Ubuntu 13.04 iso which i write it in this and i can't install the Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop. Moreover, after the Ubuntu 13.04 record to USB i reboot my system and i go to BIOS and i choose to boot with USB. When i boot with my USB it appears a black screen which says: "Unknown keyword in configuration file" and shows my system informationi(Ubuntu 9.04). And finally i nerve and i close my laptop because i realized that i can't install the Ubuntu 13.04 on my system beacuse there was an another error. NOW what should i do to install Ubuntu 13.04 with success without errors and obstacles on my laptop?

*I am running Ubuntu 9.04.

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You can check this question and it's answers talking about a similar problem ("Unknown keyword in configuration file") –  Stef K Aug 23 '13 at 19:48

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