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I can't get my ubuntu Server 12.04 installation to ping/reach any machines both lan and wan (including the gateway).

The network is setup such that the machine connects over wifi and get an ip via dhcp from a router.

This setup had been working for about 3 months before the problem started about a month ago. Other machines on the network can ping the router and each other.

Using tcpdump I was able to verify that the ubuntu 12.04 machine was indeed sending out ICMP packets which the other machine received and replied to but the ubuntu machine never received.

I've scoured the web for help. Flushed iptables. Check arp tables. Killed every service (including fw's).

Any ideas?? I really don't want to reinstall ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.

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anyone have any ideas? –  junnytony Aug 28 '13 at 4:08

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