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My Disk Manager

  1. I installed XP on the first partition. (Drive D)
  2. I installed Windows 7 (64 bit) on the second partition. (Drive C)
  3. I installed EasyBCD 2.2 on the Windows 7

At this point my daul boot between XP and Windows 7 is just fine.

  1. I installed Ubuntu 13 (64 bit) on the 4th partition (78.13GB), I formatted the partition using Ubuntu Installer (ext4, with swap of 6GB), the installation was successful (I think)

After the installation of Ubuntu, there is no change to my the boot screen, I have no way to boot into Ubuntu, so I tried to edit using EasyBCD again.


I tried to follow the EasyBCD documentation.

I now can see the boot menu for booting into Ubuntu but after choosing it, I got this.

So Please help me, what to do?


Additional Pictures

P.S. Sorry about the picture, I cannot post more than 2 links at the moment.

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