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The disk drive on my 64-bit ubuntu 12.04 system stopped booting (2TB drive w/o EFI boot). I am able to boot up the same OS on another hard-disk (3TB drive with EFI boot), and determined my the contents of the /boot directory on the 2TB drive is damaged (hence the problem). So I purchased a new 2TB drive (WD red drive) and have been trying to install 64-bit ubuntu 12.04.2 to create a new system.

Everything works as expected during the installation process, but the disk won't boot when the system is restarted. The black screen displays the following, then nothing further:

Loading Operating System ...
Boot from CD/DVD :
Boot from CD/DVD :

I have two DVD drives in my system, hence those two lines. I have removed the DVD at this point, so it is not trying to boot off the DVD.

I only have the one disk drive connected during this process. The SATA cables to the other drives in this computer are removed during this install and boot process, just because that makes me feel 100% safe.

I have downloaded and burned two 12.04.2 DVDs and installed both of them with identical results. So the DVDs are fine. Every time I install, I manually specify partitions. Three times I did not format with EFI boot, and twice I did format with EFI boot (which should not be necessary with this 2TB drive). Exact same results both times.

My partitioning is quite vanilla, and similar to what I've done before many times. Basically, something like this:

16GB /boot
16GB swap
64GB /
rest /home

/ and /home were made ext4 while /boot was made ext2 (when EFI not specified).

When I install again, and get to the partition step, it says the partitions are what I made them previously, and shows a reasonable amount of the space as consumed by files.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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I don't know, but this could be askubuntu.com/questions/231098/… sans Windows 8. Can you try boot-repair and see if that does anything? –  Richard Aug 23 '13 at 2:47

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