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The appearance icon has disappeared from the system settings so it is impossible to change wallpaper / theme / launcher icon size. I have got Ubuntu 13.04 on my computer and have updated the software on Ubuntu several times. Last software update had a change to the appearance settings. Following Appearance icon has disappeared from system settings menu, I have tried installing:




None of these will fix the problem. Please help.

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What happens if you run gnome-control-center background in a terminal? –  Salem Aug 22 '13 at 17:03
possible duplicate of Appearance icon has disappeared from system settings menu –  landroni Jan 18 at 8:57
close voters,it's not duplicate.Op clearly mention that the answer for the orginal question doesn't work for him. –  Avinash Raj Jan 18 at 9:22
@AvinashRaj he's asking the same question twice... –  Braiam Jan 18 at 19:57
Yes,but the Link @landroni posted doesn't refers to the first question posted by op. –  Avinash Raj Jan 19 at 2:13

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