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I have upgraded from ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 (x64) and from kde v4.10 to v4.11. Same kernel 3.8. Since the upgrade I have an issue with my Verbatim store'n go 500Gb usb external drive recognition, it takes a lot of time before recognize my external drive. I'll give you some more informations:

  • it just happens with my external drive and it does not with my usb pen drives
  • it happens on ubuntu but it works well on windows 7 (windows 7 immediately recognizes the external drive as it does with other devices) so it's not related to my external drive
  • it's not related to my usb port because it's the same I use to connect the same external drive on windows 7
  • it doesn't happen with other external drives (so it's very strange now)
  • The same external drive was immediately recognized with ubuntu 12.10
  • it's not related to the desktop environment because I have the same issue with unity
  • sometimes the drive is seen with 'sudo fdisk -l' but it's not recognized from the file manager (same thing with unity and kde)

How can I solve it?

edit: here is /etc/fstab:

and this it /proc/mounts:


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What is the output of /proc/mounts when the drive is plugged in? What is in /etc/fstab? – TheFiddlerWins Sep 3 '13 at 17:38

It's seems (but not sure) that Ubuntu changes the way the devices are mounted now using subfolders for each user in /media So if you launch Nautilus as root and see your files so just it's a matter of rights. try this from a shell:

sudo -i nautilus --no-desktop
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