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So I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04 x64. kernel: 3.8.0-29-generic
I have had wine installed in the past with no problems, but when I tried to add it, it
froze the entire system except for the mouse. I can move the mouse and try to click
things, but nothing happens. It doesn't matter what package it is trying to install; it
just hangs on unpacking ******* package.
I end up having to power off Ubuntu (with the power button on the computer) and restart.
It powers up fine but to run apt-get dist-upgrade it has to finish the last package it was on.
It then requires me to run dpkg --configure -a to fix that.
I then run apt-get dist-upgrade again but it tries to finish the last package it was working on.

I just want to be able to update Ubuntu and have a working version of wine installed.
Please help.

I have already checked my install disk for defects (using installer) and it results with no errors.
Is there a way to check the current installation for errors? (similar to system file checker in Windows)

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