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I've been trying to install Ubuntu on my HP desktop running Windows XP, and I can't seem to boot from a USB flash drive. I press Esc at the boot menu and select the proper USB, but all I get is a weird command screen.

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if you have internet connection test install using the official installer from windows (WUBI INSTALLER) LINK__>

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I can't say much unless you describe what is on that screen, but you can probably try using a live CD instead of booting from the usb. At least you will get to know if the problem is with the usb or something relating to Ubuntu.

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What program did you use to make the bootable usb disk?

Try using UNetbootin.

Start UNetbootin on your xp. Check the "iso" radiobutton and select the iso you want to use for your installation and the usb drive you want to use.

Run it and reboot.

Never failed me.

If that didn't work try re-downloading your iso repeat above steps.

If even that failed try a live cd

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