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I have got a huge problem. I just installed Ubuntu and checked the box to encrypt my hard disc and I have chosen a quite hard password (special letters which are not on the US keyboard layout). After rebooting I came to the unlocking the disc screen and entered my password but it failed. I googled already and it seems to be a problem with the keyboard layout. But I dont exactly now what to do now, neither can I change the layout nor some ALt-Codes work. What can I do now?

Sometimes I crash into BusyBox (it says some root file is missing...), where my keyboard layout is not the US layout anymore. However, if I type some special letter it appears but when I hit backspace I also delete a the letter before (I can even delete "(initframs)").

I also can not even boot properly anymore: It takes about 2 mins till something happens... I have to press return to get it started, i.e. I can't even enter the boot menu anymore and boot from my USB flashdrive....

Can someone please help me?

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