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I have a Windows 8 preinstalled Dell 15r 5521 laptop.

  1. I created a bootable USB using "Universal USB installer" but did not give any persistent storage space.
  2. Next, I created a free space (15000 MB) by shrinking a volume on my HDD. I did not make any changes to secure UEFI as I dont know what is it.
  3. Then, I booted from usb and selected the Something Else option. Also, the menu does not show the "Install alongside Windows 8 option"; don't know why.
  4. I created a swap area of 1500 MB with "logical partition" and then used the remaining free space as a primary partition and chose "Ext4 journaling file system" and mount point /.
  5. Then, I installed Ubuntu on this partition. It installed correctly, but when I restarted the laptop, it automatically loaded Windows 8. No boot menu was displayed. when I tried to reinstall Ubuntu 13.04 I found that Ubuntu is already installed; it occupies 3-4 GB out of 15 GB of space. When I try to access G: drive (Ubuntu drive) it shows "you need to format the disk in drive G: before you use it" error msg.

What should I do. Please help.

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Did you boot installer in UEFI mode or BIOS mode. Ubuntu installs in the mode you boot installer and with Windows in UEFI mode you need to boot installer & Ubuntu in UEFI mode. If you had grub menu on installer you had UEFI, if purple screen and accessiblity icons you were in BIOS mode. If in UEFI mode you should just be able to go into UEFI and choose ubuntu entry. Windows does not see Linux partitions so it will just ask to reformat them. –  oldfred Aug 21 '13 at 18:29
could u be more specific how to identify if i were in UEFI or BIOS? i am a newbie and dont know about grub menu n installer... when i booted frm usb i had 4 options :- 1. try ubuntu 2. install ubuntu 3 & 4 : i dont remember. then it displayed a typical purple screen with ubuntu 13.04 install option and left pane with shortcuts to various disks and applications... –  user2450646 Aug 23 '13 at 17:47

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