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Is it possible to install Ubuntu os on sony Xperia x10 mini pro? If possible, how to do it?

Interested versions of Ubuntu touch and Ubuntu 13.04 or 12.04 but it is a last resort. Is the SD card is supported in the Ubuntu on my phone? Where to install the application or on a memory card sd or on the phone, or can be transferred from SD to phone and phone to sd, different things (applications, games, music ....)?

Of course I have Windows 7 on a computer, because surely will need a computer to install Ubuntu. I would like to know as much about it because I'm green with these things a little bit. Please answer specific questions, and not, as in other forums many questions and why do you need it. I just want to slowly get away from any other computer systems, telephone and etc.. on Linux and now it will be possible even on phones, and I am happy.

Sorry for the spelling but I use google translate, because I come from Polish and do not know English.

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Could you instead ask 1 question at time? That way if someone knows any of those they can answer them. – Braiam Aug 20 '13 at 17:53

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