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I installed Wubi on Windows 7 and onto another partition (L: 150GB) when i was installing i thought it'll be fine, it'll use the whole 150GB. The option was only up to 30GB so I just clicked it. Now I'm using Ubuntu on another partition and 30GB usage later i get the hard drive space is full and my whole hard drive is 1TB. I use Gpartition to check if my whole thing is actually full and its just that 30GB in my 150GB partition drive. How can I make the virtual drive made by Wubi bigger without wiping my files?

Edit: i've tried this guide but i get "The new disk cannot exceed above 32GB."

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As it says in the guide: "The script limits the size of the new virtual disk to 32GB. Please refer to the usage instructions for options if you require a larger size (although I would recommend migrating to a normal install if this is the case)." –  bcbc Aug 27 '13 at 15:28
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