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Hi I have already got a domain name and installed ubuntu server along with bind9. I want to configure it so that it points to my domain on internet.

My Current Environment is as below: installed Ubuntu 13.04 on virtual machine (Virtual Box). installed bind 9 dns server. installed apache server

I have got static IP from my ISP which I configured in my home Router so that it is live 24/7.

My domain requires two nameservers to point to my host computer where as I only have one computer, where I am going to host my site. Can I create two name servers on one computer? and if I can, How?

I've only got one server. It will act as a DNS / Web / Database server.

as I have set up my static ip in my router, Any request coming from outside world(internet), How will it find my host computer which is inside my local network connected to my router. (I have little idea that it is done through dns server But I am not sure how my router will route that request to my dns server which is the same pc as my host computer)

Do I need to configure Apache to point to my domain?

My apologies if my question sounds so silly. But I am new to dns and ubuntu and struggling a lot to get my way through it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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