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I used the 'Startup Disk Creator' with the 12.04 LTS iso to create a bootable USB. This worked just fine, but when it started up it gave me a menu to:

  • Install Ubuntu Server
  • Multiple server install with MAAS
  • Check disc for defects
  • Test memory
  • Boot from first hard disk
  • Rescue a broken system

What do I have to do to get it to boot directly into a login prompt?

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For Ubuntu Server there is no such thing as a Live CD, aside from the fact that if you select "Install Ubuntu Server", let it boot, and then leave it at the first install screen you can switch virtual terminals and get to a login prompt that way.

Normally Ctrl-Alt-F2 should switch you to a virtual terminal -- anything in the form of Ctrl-Alt-Function key where Function key is anything from F1 to F7 should work. To switch back to the installer, try Ctrl-Alt-F1.

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I especially like the hint that you already have a running (partly usable) system during the installation. – guntbert Aug 20 '13 at 6:43

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