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i am trying to deploy HA ceph like shown in OpenstackHA But i wanted to deploy Ceph MON and Ceph OSD on same 3 machines. So in order to that, my 1st cmd will be,

juju deploy --config local.yaml -n 3 local:ceph

and 2nd cmd, i am wondering how i should do, coz i want to deploy CEPH-OSD to same machines. something like this,

juju deploy --force-machine 0 --config ceph.yaml local:ceph-osd
juju deploy --force-machine 1 --config ceph.yaml local:ceph-osd
juju deploy --force-machine 2 --config ceph.yaml local:ceph-osd

or can it be like this,

juju deploy --force-machine 0,1,2 --config ceph.yaml -n 3 local:ceph-osd

I have not tried these command actually and not good aware of cmd syntax also, thats why i am asking it here

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$ juju add-unit -h
usage: juju add-unit [options] <service name>
purpose: add a service unit

-e, --environment (= "local")
    juju environment to operate in
-n, --num-units  (= 1)
    number of service units to add
--to (= "")
    the machine or container to deploy the unit in, bypasses constraints

Service units can be added to a specific machine using the --to argument.
 juju add-unit mysql --to 23       (Add unit to machine 23)
 juju add-unit mysql --to 24/lxc/3 (Add unit to lxc container 3 on host machine 24)
 juju add-unit mysql --to lxc:25   (Add unit to a new lxc container on host machine 25)
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"juju add-unit ceph-osd --to 1" will be after 1st cmd "juju deploy --force-machine 0 --config ceph.yaml local:ceph-osd" ? Because i don't see in add-unit cmd syntax that we can specify ceph.yaml? – SaM Aug 20 '13 at 10:34
yes, its deploy for config and 1 unit, and then add-unit twice for the additional ones. – Kapil Thangavelu Aug 20 '13 at 11:59

From a Juju developer:

We discussed it, but I think we ended on --to and -n together is an error. We might support something like --to ec2:us-east-1b -n5 in the future. But for now, you have to deploy and then add-unit --to 2, etc.

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Also worth noting that the ceph charm is a superset of the ceph-osd charm; i.e. the ceph charm provides MON's and OSD's. If you just want three machines, just use the ceph charm.

See Installing ceph and ceph-osd charms on same machine? for more details.

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