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I have dual-booted Windows & Ubuntu 13.04 Now, after using Ubuntu for quite a long time, I am planning to switch to Linux based OS only.

I wanna remove Windows & install Opensuse OS in place of that, but I don't want to harm any data of ubuntu 13.04 as it's my primary OS.

Here's the partition table :

partition table

My question is : Can I simply delete Windows partition & install other Linux OS in place of that ? I am asking this because, in partition table it shows Windows(Loader), so I wanna ask that If I do what I mention ,are there any chance of not booting into OS at all ? I don't want to setup my Ubuntu OS again.

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Boot from Opensuse live cd, do a os-prober in terminal to see if all operating systems are listed.

  1. If yes, then you are safe. Just select manual partitioning scheme,then select the windows partition, format it and install Opensuse there. Install the bootloader in the harddrive, not in any partition.

  2. if it doesn't detect any 1 operating system, then there is a conflict in UEFI/EFI/Legacy bootloader. Probably opensuse is reading the UEFI BIOS, while previous operating systems are installed in LEGACY bios. A Simple solution to this problem is to just turnoff the UEFI bios & then simply follow step 1.

Enjoy :)

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