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I just rebooted my computer, and now I have this menu on my Unity panel when no windows have focus. I have nautilus-elementary installed, and when I go to "About" in this menu it brings up a splash-info-thing for nautilus-elementary , leading me to believe that nautilus-elementary put it there. Here is a quick video:

Am I insane and this has been around the entire time? Is there a way to remove this? I haven't decided if I like it yet, but right now it seems redundant.

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This is fine. The desktop on Ubuntu is provided by Nautilus. When are are using items on your desktop, you are actually using nautilus.

I think it is fine to have a menu for the desktop. If you think the desktop should not have a menu or nautilus menu should be superseded with a custom one for the desktop, you should consider filing a bug in Unity.

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