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I have downloaded the Ubuntu 13.04 ISO and I wrote it on a USB flash using USB startup disk creator. I reboot my laptop, went to the BIOS and I chose to boot my laptop from the USB and I saved the changes.

After that a black screen appeared. I don't know what to do. Please tell me what to do to make it work.

Also, when I connect my USB on Ubuntu, Ubuntu doesn't show my USB drive on the desktop and does not even acknowledge it. I really want to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop because I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and it has many problems.

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If your caps lock key is stuck, this question might help. – Gilles Aug 18 '13 at 14:43

Some bios systems list bootable USB drives as USB HDD, such as gigabyte instead of normal USB, check to see if that is an option and if it is, see if that boots the USB.

If this is the issue, it may be that you are booting from a USB that isn't there, according to the motherboard. but the USB is instead listed as a HDD in your bios menu.

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I had this same problem last night and posted here about it and as usual, got no response.. These people here are something ehh?? Anyway, what solved it for me is two things..

  1. Update your bios.. Whatever motherboard or computer you have, look it up on the manufacturers web site. U should be able to download a .bio file and put it on a USB.. then.. look up on youtube how to play with your motherboard to get this done.. usually just remove a piece of plastic that's covering some metal pins and put it back after it's done..

After that, play with it a couple times so the new settings set in so to speak (I've found that you have to do the same thing a few times over the same way before computers actually do it, especially opensource operating systems and big jobs like this), then...

  1. Reset the Bios to original manufactures settings.. Then U'r computer should boot into the USB if it was written to completion.. Peace and good luck :)
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