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They say that computers don't make the mistake, I do? Well??

I've been trying very hard to re-install Ubuntu 12.04.2 from a USB image today. I downloaded the ISO from Ubuntu.com and used the start up disk creator to make another USB drive running from another Ubuntu 12.04.01 USB.

I figured it'd be a good idea to put a fresh new image on a new USB drive and install it that way since the other is a year old. Anyway, it succeeded and booted ONE TIME from the USB, then suddenly it didn't boot anymore when.

I turned it off and hooked the hard drives up and attempted to boot it again from the USB after making the changes to the boot order.. so I unhooked the hard drive and the USBs still don't work, they just give me a back slash on the top left corner of the screen and doesn't boot at all?

The bios says it doesn't detect a bootable device but I didn't do anything to the USB but see if it works and turned it off immediately after to install it on a hard drive?

I had this problem earlier and the one USB just all the sudden boot up again, but now it's not booting up anymore?? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It has to be the computer!!!

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