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im using the ubuntu touch/phone on my new nexus 4 (ordered it to try ubuntu on it). I was asking myself how i can update the phone with daily builds.

I know about the preinstalled images but also saw that on my phone, if i go to settings/updates/ show me that there is an update available. If i try this, it says "you can update from version 0 to version 201..." and its about 250MB of download size, after a few minutes ubuntu tell me to reboot my phone. If i accept that i found myself in the bootloader. If i reboot from here the phone is not updated. If i search again for updates (settings/updates/) the same update shows up.

Is the build in update function only a dummy? Or am i doing wrong here? Do i have to choose another option in the bootloader to install the latest updates?

Or is an update only possible from the shell with the andriod device bridge (ADB)?

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Update: This functionality is working now, as long as you use the ubuntu-system option when flashing your phone.

Original answer:

It doesn't do anything yet. Rick Spencer, VP of Ubuntu Engineering, writes about it as a goal on his blog for end of August.

The first big rock is Image Based Upgrades. Today, when we "bless" a new image, one must use a tool on your desktop called "phablet-flash" to update to that new image. After August, the phone will download updates over wireless and install them without requiring a connection to the desktop.

You can follow progress on this issue here:

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