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I'm looking for an app to view photos in folders, which can display properties (like time taken) next to photo. I want to view photos in folders as they are, without importing them to some library like in Shotwell or Digikam.

What would you recommend?

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gthumb Install gthumb

  • It is a powerful image viewer with many awesome features. I'm not sure if it can show the data next to the images, but you don't need to add a library.

If you enable the side pane in eog (View menu) - you can get this info at the side as well.

enter image description here

To enable this btw you need to have the exif display plugin enabled in preferences. If you do not have this plugin, install eog-plugins Install eog-plugins.

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I have this option in EOG, in menu under "View", but it is disabled :/ – amorfis Apr 4 '11 at 7:46
@amoris: I updated my answer – RolandiXor Apr 4 '11 at 14:48

The default photo viewer (eog) will show metadata. If you open your photo, right click and select "Properties". It will open a window that lists the metadata. You can then switch betweeen photos and keep the metadata open beside it.

Screenshot: Screenshot

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That's cool feature! I didn't know about it. – amorfis Apr 4 '11 at 7:44
Great. What I'd love is a plugin to open those co-ordinates in another utility (Google Maps/Earth or OSM). Just copying the Lat/Long together to the clipboard would be a great compromise, it may be possible to script that. – John T Nov 26 '12 at 1:39

The Nautilus properties option is the quickest way and gives most important data, but it doesnt show things like GPS coordinates if you images have geotagging.

For geo location info you could try the lightweight "Gwenview" photo app found in the Ubuntu Software Center. I also like the pre-installed Shotwell which also shows GPS data.

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While Digikam needs a database, it comes bundled with showPhoto (I have v 4.0.0beta3 right now, don't know if showPhoto was available in earlier Versions). showPhoto is a standalone image viewer, without database. It displays pretty much the same metadata as Digikam does. This is a good option for someone who needs both: indepth asset management and a quick viewer with editing features...

Personally I can recommend Gwenview, too. Metadata display can be fully customized and it displays every kind of data.

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