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I want to programatically determine whether CMOS battery is working or not. In my C++ program on linux I want to connect to internet and update system time if CMOS battery is not present or not working.

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I have not used SMBIOS for CMOS data (I use it to query for other data), but per it's manpage:

The files contained in usr/sbin retrieve and/or manipulate several parameters via the SMBIOS calls: activateCmosToken ascii2enUS_scancode assetTag retrieve the system’s Asset Tag createUnitTestFiles dellBiosUpdate dellLcdBrightness dellWirelessCtl disable_console_redir dumpCmos produce a dump of the CMOS dumpSmbios produce a dump of the SMBIOS in this system getPasswordFormat getSystemId isCmosTokenActive probes propertyTag retrieve the PropertyTag, if set serviceTag retrieve the Service Tag, the same which can be read in the label at the back (necessary to call DELL’s customer service) smitest perform SMI tests stateByteCtl tokenCtl upBootCtl verifySmiPassword wakeupCtl

See if this provides what you need:

On the man page is the link to download the files to use smbios. If this doesn't apply, let me know and I'll delete my post.

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Can you please mention commands to query? I installed smbios-utils. I didn't find man pages for it. I tried sudo smbios-token-ctl dumpCmos and few other commands which gave me no information. The only command gave me bit of information is sudo getSystemId. Thanq. – neckTwi Aug 17 '13 at 5:50

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