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Supposedly there is already an answer to this (re a Mini 1000) but when I follow the link it goes to a different problem.

I have been running 12.04 LTS on my Mini 210 quite happily until last night when Update Manager offered a 12.10 upgrade. Foolishly (as it turns out) I accepted, but apparently there is some basic incompatibility and it will not work. It would not restart, but after "UBUNTU" appearing very briefly, it stuck at the purple screen.

I have 12.04 LTS on a flash drive, so I booted from that and opted to install 12.04 along side 12.10, creating another partition. Apparently this allows me to access my old files. I can indeed access the other partition, but what I want to do is import my home folder and all the settings (basically everything aside from the actual OS version) so that I can eventually delete the 12.10 partition and end up where I started!

I must say (warn) here that I am new to Linux (I run OSX on my main machine), so there is probably a relatively simple answer that I'm not aware of. Can I use the Backup facility to back up my old Home folder from the 12.10 partition, as well as the added applications (Skype, VLC, etc) and settings, then restore them to the 12.04LTS side? If this requires a lot of work in Terminal, so be it, although it will be a bit scary.

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