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I'm on Ubuntu 13.04 and ran through the steps outlined on Completely integrate nemo in Ubuntu.

I understand that Nemo is a cloned-fork off of Nautilus and was hoping that I'd be able to adjust the keyboard shortcuts for it in the same way... For Nautilus we can edit the "accels" file at ~/.config/nautilus/accels.

Does Nemo not have this ability?

The version of Nemo on my system is 1.8.2.

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Anand Sharma answer (after I edited his question):

The "accels" file for Nemo when installed with the method linked to above is located at: ~/.gnome2/accels/nemo. The two files, ~/.config/nautilus/accels and ~/.gnome2/accels/nemo are very close to the same.

The reason why I desperately wanted to find how to edit keyboard-shortcuts was cause I HATE the default for focusing on the location-bar which is Ctrl + L. Practically every other application you can think of (e.g. Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox... list goes on) that has an "address bar" places focus there using the Alt+D combination.

Editing the following line in either of the "accel" files did the trick for me (make sure you remove the semi-colon, too):


; (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/ShellActions/Edit Location" "<Primary>L")


(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/ShellActions/Edit Location" "<Alt>d")
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