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I recently decided to try and install ubuntu as a secondary OS alongside win7. Being a bit of a newb at this, I just followed the instructions on the live boot install page to install ubuntu alongside win7. Long story short, windows will not boot from GRUB. It just loops back around and starts up the GRUB interface again. Now before you mark this as a dupe, the only reason that I have created a new question on here is to ask for some more advice on how to remove the dependency on GRUB, and how to get rid of ubuntu altogether.

I need to know how to get the ordinary win7 bootloader back, and how to get back to normal. If you need any more info as to how I got here, or any logs, etc, then ubuntu still boots, so I can use that instead. Bear in mind that I have little to no knowledge of where logs and stuff like that is located, so I might not be able to get all of them. Thanks in advance, people. this will be a great help.

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