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I need a tool for creating high quality customizable pie charts, then export them to some graphic format (e.g. png).

I need something which allows me to put in some data and which is more customizable than

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Google Chart Tools?

Not exactly what you asked for, but this may work anyways. Link is to a pie chart wizard.

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Yes, this is quite good solution. I've found that many web apps offer automatic creation of high quality charts - better that eg. open office. – jesper Apr 5 '11 at 10:50

graphviz, optionally with one of its GUI wrappers should be able to do anything you need.

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How can I create charts with Graphviz? I can't find any examples... – jesper Apr 5 '11 at 10:48
... that's because apparently I'm an idiot, and several people were as caffeine deprived as me when I answered the question. GraphVis is more for hierarchical/node based graphs, not bar graphs and pie charts. I've added a more sane answer below that should be vastly more useful to you. (although GraphVis is exceptionally good at what it does do) – Nerdfest Apr 5 '11 at 20:39

The R language can be used to create bar and pie chart graphs. An example extracted from their help page:

> d <- read.table("data/EU-2004.csv", header=TRUE)     # read data
> pie(d$seats,                                         # create pie chart with seats column
+ labels=d$abbrev,                                     # use abbrev column for slice labels
+ main="2004 EU Parliament Results\n(Seats by Party)") # create pie chart

Later, they have an example where this sort of output is sent to a jpeg. I didn't see PNG output. It may be available, but worst case, a jpeg can easily be converted to a PNG.

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