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I am dual booting windows 7 and Ubuntu. I am looking for a way to share zimbra local folders between windows and Ubuntu. Is this possible? This is to enable access to emails downloaded to local folder while logged into windows or Ubuntu.

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Linux can access your windows file system (If it is not hibernated) but windows does not have built in support for ext[34] so vice versa might be hard. – Reuben Swartz Apr 3 '11 at 23:26

Here's an idea - but this will only work if Zimbra allows you to set a custom location for its local folder. Install Dropbox on both Ubuntu and Windows 7, and then set your Zimbra local folder to a folder within your Dropbox folder. That way, regardless of which OS you're using, Dropbox will sync the local files and you'll have all your emails available.

The other way I can think of is creating an NTFS partition and then setting your Zimbra local folders to that location - that way, both Windows 7 and Ubuntu will be able to access it. Definitely more convoluted than the above though.

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I don't know Zimbra, but a common problem of sharing folders between linux and windows is, that Windows lacks buildin support for common filesystems (ext, reiserfs, ...), and Linux-programs rely on user/group/others-read/write/execute-flags for files, which the windows-filesystems lack.

Maybe a script for copying the filesystem and adjusting permissions could help.

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