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I'm using Skype 4.2 on Ubuntu 13.04. If a contact sends me a message when I'm offline, I don't receive it the moment I'm back online. I only get them like 10-20 hours later (apparently, when this contact becomes online as well). On Windows it wasn't like that. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you

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I think the message is delivered once the contact who sent it is online again, and I think it was always like that. I sometimes get messages with several days of delay (say, over weekend) because the contact is away for that period. I think there is no difference on Windows in that matter. – moon.musick Aug 15 '13 at 7:03
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Skype is p2p, so both uses have to be online for a message to be shared. Read more here. The operating system doesn't really matter (note that the forum link is for windows)

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Just to update, the behaviour has changed now. Skype has introduced a cloud service, which will store offline messages in case both parties have a cloud-enabled client. Unfortunately I expect that any Linux client is not cloud-enabled right now. See also here: Will my instant message be delivered if the recipient is not signed in to Skype?

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