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This is the situation I'm dealing with:

I plugged my USB in my laptop, then I created a folder within it, and nautilus stopped working for a while, I unplugged the USB and plugged back in, BUT this time there was 2 folders created, I have no access to anyone of them from Ubuntu, not even starting nautilus as root, the only way to see the files is in a Virtual Machine using Windows XP.

When accessing the folder via Terminal and typing "dir" within the folder it'll show this:

'\002.,\001#           \r\003aåa█ÿj."σ╗      ë.öaa           n..              SG∩▄ç@uΣ.\n╟*          αpeZ╔╤c≥.τ╬╣
(.\006\004         ░\ ^¢\027(åc.└½╜      \004▄eöqw\004ç.f╔ê  n.0              sg_≈¬\023m½.┼≥═        α:\016└P[z╛.E█\023
*.\t               a.e           ependenc.y>└zA.1ì¡
\001               ═æ┴e≤t\024ó.½s╪       ▄èqƒid╚╦.╦▐²        n'\017¼▀!τ╝.$T⌡      -Sk\036\ ε░ƒ.█²\026        Γ]euy╢╒╗.╦ê\016
\001               \020æ[f\001┤╥ä.╔\n=   \të¬╣r(¢w.b\021z    n.3              \t.SO              Γ≥G▄\037z1s.\004ßå
\001               ⁿ\fæ√]╜g%.\016îH      essorArc.hit        n/7ûöα.\002.·&ε      \t.SO              \035■\017╤Γºa╞.*åt
\001               ∞\b█$æ╬ô\002.₧╤√      essorArc.hit        n.a              s.R                ╟≡┤ΓXJ₧P.\037zk
\001               Æ,┐_ôs\026ε.\021\016\b    estedPri.vil        ndalone=."ye         ⁿ▄ß≤\026¬è%.¡û¬        ├:Γ╦σl╚\020.αd∙
\001               Æ│T~\022ô≡σ.\017╤\024     e.t             n.f              S\034╢ßáσºE.0\023╢         δ╤\002ìu\a|₧.╚─╟
\001               \025╒æ\016!\026w┌.└_¬     e.t             np┼(ªxπº.⌠\004       ƒ)╕ßùl_s.ñ╕\031        ε\003
\001               a.f           èu5»$ε⌡S.4ºv        n.t              ß·╓▌;█Ü┌.\fδ╗          ε\003
\001.,\001\v           a.f           êvUè÷,Ü╝.╝╔\n       +N\002t\002∙S╖.▄V\003    ▓\035ß=▄Γp».:║5        \\╔ε╨\bε_\b.#n▀
\001.,\001\v           ╓;*·╔\025\017à.í]$    ëx\030`m\022╛£.╟|æ  nvoker".uiA          s.t                Θ\003
\001.,\001\v           ≥╪\t»╜√▀a.ìvm         é¿&zΘ╓\nó.▄7æ       ╜─┐nδ.╕\030.ô╠\177   stInfo>∙ú.¬Ñ\016        \003
╖0├0»0             \022B■#▌e╥ó.i)\a      i.2             \006¿ó±╪\177n\005.%cφ    *ü\020\r\023╜╦╪.ñ\033\v     $2f\t┤₧≈.α╡\032
0.4            ╡BJô\r≈}⌠.╝╫=         =≥(»i\035|┬.4cA     \ròo\0054?7`.╛"ñ     ╧\025ù@/⌠>o.e|9        \n.  
└¼\026\005ä-t_.{       b.p           ╥ia╩!3╜Γ.δyσ        Ö\001╬öΘáⁿ"."≥╥      u±ò\022"╦\f".@?v         Ç
\ 0¿│\006▐ba.⌠▐\\      \022b└u≤i┐─.|▌╟       ibility>..\035ï{    "\ manife.stv       \b.s             yToken=".659             é
a              ,Éä╝┘┘Y\t.ne8         m─f}ï\004É\020      \b.s             ÿ\016╧░Θ\024u\033.╫v╘        é
\001.a             \006êb'╪╜ß╞.{╛æ       mkx├å½ûΩ.u\017\002  \b.s             z1ÿß9εσs.╒¡¢           \025.  é
\020.A\001\001         ecurity>.7           :êh╗Z╜+\020.\022lf    ╓\032/m.\006w╥      schemas-.mic         Zr]¬6N_½.X▄·
Ä7ï\032íQF≥.\025s\177  e╚ï^,!@¬.9½ò      mw┬:╪ε\036ƒ.╓\021æ  s.e              z\177\037zê╤┌s.±;─
ª\ █*¬#=â.╨╨·          ┼╢\031ë∩¡$≤.─îî       m\033δ├2┌\vÄ.b∩.    s.e              α├4ÇX\f⌡≡.#7\037
ä¬\025ä4^$\n.─\016é    é≈╘m\n¢\016┐.è\177╚   mΩ·«æ╖┐┤.╚\177δ     s.e              \177αçhº\003▌▐.╘qπ
a║\037╔à8Jx.┴æ╜        ±«ëñ╥ì\t■.#≈┌         n..             s.e              αép|ä╙\034^.z╗¼

I can't delete anything. Help (?)

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Looks like you might have corrupted your USB stick. Is there anything important on it, or can you just reformat it? (Also, I'd never heard of dir before. I always use ls, but they seem like the same.) – Sparhawk Aug 14 '13 at 23:53
I believe that you corrupted your data, you should do a clone of the disk with dd, and try to recover your data. @Sparhawk dir is the ls of windows ;) – Braiam Aug 14 '13 at 23:53
unicode character in volume or folder name that isn't handled properly is my guess. if you don't have anything horribly confidential on there, just dd a copy to an image and attach it to a bug report. – RobotHumans Aug 14 '13 at 23:58
1) What makes you think this is malware rather than malfunction? 2) What filesystem are you running? 3) What does dmesg show you after plugging in, mounting it and showing the contents? 4) Have you tried running a filesystem check on the flash drive? 5) Are you sure the flash drive is still working properly (run some disk checks)? 6) How does the contents look in the GUI/Nautilus? – gertvdijk Aug 15 '13 at 0:03
@Braiam Ah˙apparently dir is an alias of ls -C -b.… – Sparhawk Aug 15 '13 at 2:59

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