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I have had this little problem, since I installed Ubuntu 12.04 recently, dual booting alongside Windows 7.

Sleep and waking up (with the data maintained on RAM) is working fine on Windows 7, since I'm not involved with GRUB (windows resumes its state instantly) in the process of awaking.

However, by default, my computer hibernates after 1 hour or so of sleeping. When I open my computer again, and choose through GRUB to boot Windows 7, the system does not resume where I left it, but behaves as if it did not shut down properly and offers me with options to boot normally, or enter recovery/safe mode.

I choose normal start, and the system loads from the beginning.This happened, as I said, after I installed Ubuntu. I had Linux Mint before, with no problems on this, although I had not configured it myself.

You should know that I had made some mistake at the installation. After I got the message the installation was over, I was kept waiting too long on the installation screen, so I manually rebooted the computer, thinking it had frozen. After that, I got a GRUB error, being unable to boot any system, and fixed it by running a GRUB fixing program on Ubuntu Live CD. This may have had an impact.

To sum up, I suspect that the problem is GRUB is not"communicating" correctly with Windows about the hibernation, and since I don't know what exactly to do, I'm asking for your help. Thank you in advance.

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