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I was not able to download the software libglut3-dev in my Ubuntu 12.04.2 I was behind a proxy. I was getting the following error.

sudo apt-get install libxi-dev libxmu-dev libglut3-dev
[sudo] password for sai: 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package libglut3-dev

I changed the sources.list file, but it remains the same. How can I install this package?

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The package libglut3-dev is available for Ubuntu 10.04 in the Ubuntu Software Center, but it is not available in the USC in Ubuntu 12.04. The closest matches to libglut3-dev in Ubuntu 12.04 are freeglut3 and freeglut3-dev. The freeglut3 package is also called OpenGL Utility Toolkit. The freeglut3-dev package is also called OpenGL Utility Toolkit development files. GLUT is a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs, implementing a simple windowing API, which makes learning about and exploring OpenGL programming very easy.


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Try to locate the package using Synaptic Package Manager, which you can install by typing sudo apt-get install synaptic in a terminal window.

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