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this is my first question.

I'm looking for an evernote type application for ubuntu. Basically a way to "cloud store" terminal recipes (like a blog reminder) that I can access later either in ubuntu or in my android smartphone.

Any help or recomendations would be much appreciated

Best regards

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Why don't you use Evernote itself? An alternative I've fiddled with is the combination. A review ofthis method can be found here. A comparison of Evernote vs RedNotebook can be found here. The Rednotebook project page is avaliable here.

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I personally really enjoy nitro notes, works well for me. On my Ubuntu machines I have it installed, I have it in Chromium portable from the Chrome store, and I have NitroDroid on my Galaxy S3 & N7. It all sync using Ubuntu One, or Drop Box if you prefer.

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