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I tried installing ubuntu to a friend's netbook, an Asus EeePC 1011CX, I tried both 13.04 and 12.04 with no success. The installation program fails before telling the installer to install ubuntu alongside windows 7. I tried several times with different USB pendrives with no success. I cannot try with a bootable CD because the computer doesn't have a CD drive.

The installation runs normally and I can start the live session without installing and everything runs smooth and fine. But at the installation step when you tell the installer to install ubuntu alongside windows 7, after pressing the "Next" button, a black screen pops and the computer immediately restarts. I'm trying to take a picture of it but it's quite fast so I can't write the whole message correctly. The part I can remember is "Terminated by signal 15", I'll try to take a picture of it so I can post the whole error message. As I said, after that the computer restarts and the Ubuntu iso is loaded again.

I haven't tried with other distros nor with anything else than Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04 downloaded from the official Ubuntu website.

Any help on how to achieve intalling ubuntu to this computer will be much appreciated, and I'll try to update as soon as possible with the whole error message.

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