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i have windows 7 on a a45vd asus notbook it used to have ubuntu but at the time i bouht it it already had windows 7 (because in my country ppl dont know what is ubuntu) ok, heres the problem, i need to instal ubuntu but i dont have a cd, if i use daemon tools just to try it out and then if iwant a permanent istallation i wont be able to do it?can i download the iso to a usb flash drive and then do the permanent installation and then how do i delete windows 7 from my harddrive.

sorry for all the questions im a noob as u can see and english is not my native leanguage so excuse me if something doesnt makes sense

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Yes, you can normally download the ISO file then use unetbootin to make a bootable USB then reboot your laptop and you will have an option to install Ubuntu and completely delete Windows.

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