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I am using 1 year ubuntu as my main OS already and I feel comfortable with the enviroment and the tools it provides. I also used one screenlet to have my task manager or calendar on my desktop and have it connected directly with google calendar in order to track my todos.

But now I would like to make my own screen-let since I can't find one that will help me orgnize my stuff better, like a small little browser that fetches some webdata, or load a small html client in a screenlet. I am not sure how to start and I can't find any documentation on how to make my own. I have found this post but the documentation does not seem to work How do I write a Screenlet? Are screenlets dead and about to be substituted by something else? I am using ubuntu 12.04 at the moment on an Intel core I7.

thank you

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The website is down, probably because it was unmaintained and had lots of spam. Currently you can find documentation in the Web Archive:

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